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Surface Douglas fir

Flame spread 35
Smoke developed 95
Number of preliminary coats None
Rate per coat (ft2/gal) --
Number of fire retardant coats 3
Rate per coat (ft2/gal) 330 to 450
Number of overcoats None
Rate per coat (ft2/gal) --
Flash point of liquid coating:  
   Fire retarding coating - closed cup, no flash


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ASTM E84 Class B

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:    Aqueous Based Resin

Total Solids
27 to 31.5%   PH
2.5 - 3.0
Weight per gallon
9.4 - 9.8 lbs Flash point
Specific gravity
1.104 Color
Water clear at 78°F. - Slight haze at 50°F. or lower
Non-Volatile Solvents
Water(Contains no petroleum or derivatives of petroleum)
Mildly Resistance Bacterial
Mildly Resistance
Linear shrinkage
None Moisture Absorption
Mildly Toxic
None (when dry)
Insects, rodents,
aspergilli And other types of molds
Mildly resistance Termites
Mildly resistance
Preservative for wood
RECOMMENDED USE: Interior Class B Rating (Flame spread 35)


FLAME SAFE WOOD SAFE is a fire retardant coating. It can be used on any type of wood or porous materials, such as:
Yellow Pine Cedar Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF)
Douglas Fir Straw Cellulose Materials
Redwood Blown Insulation Wall Coverings
Paneling Acoustical ceiling tiles Cellotex-soundproofing


ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION: This product complies will U. S. Federal Regulations concerning the use of lead in paint and hydrocarbon emissions.



Interior wood

Any type of soft woods such as:

Yellow Pine, Douglas Fir, SPF, Redwood, plywood and textured plywood

Treat before, during or after construction.

Be sure surface is clean and dry before treating.

Apply with sprayer head held at 8 to 12 inches from surface

Apply with brush or roller.

May be necessary to wipe on hardwood surfaces

Treat all surface areas where possible

Do not expose treated area to moisture for 24 hours.

Apply three (3) coats at 330 - 450 sq. ft. per gallon with the final coverage rate of 110 sq. ft. per gallon


           All surfaces to be treated must be clean and dry. Wood Safe fire retardant coating is water-based, clear liquid that becomes insoluble when dry. Wood Safe also inhibits mold and mildew protector and repels insects. If over coating is intended, Wood Safe is an excellent primer for use under latex paints and allows a surface to be tinted witht water based stains.


   Avoid wasteful runs and dripping.  It should be noted that unlike some products, materials treated with Wood Safe fire retardant coating requires no special cutting tools or special fasteners. Contact parts of any equipment should be stainless steel or plastic to prevent chemical reaction and breakdown. Storage may be done in polyethylene containers.
      Wood Safe fire retardant coating provides a structure long term fire retardant protection.

fire retardant for wood stairwell


          Product must not freeze. It must not be thinned or diluted.


        The overspray will not harm plants or animals. Spills can be flushed with water. A rag wetted with   bleach and water mix will clean up spotting.


          Airless Equipment.

1. Run clear water through the system until coating is flushed out. When minor sudsing on surface stops, the system is flushed.

2. Run bleach and water mix (1 part to 4 parts) through system as solvent for cleaning any residue.

            3. Repeat Step 1 if any foaming occurs in Step 2.

            4. Lubricate system as specified by equipment manufacturer to combat rusting.

If two or more applications are planned in the same day, the sprayer can be kept clean by running water through the system between applications.


              1. Clean immediately after use.

              2. Wash thoroughly with bleach and water mix (1 part to 4 parts).


Use approved safety devices (ropes, belts, ridge hooks, ladder, etc.) When working on steep or high areas. Take EXTREME CARE not to step on wet treated area. Surface may be slick until dry.

It is good practice to wear respirator or mask and protect hands with rubber gloves when spraying any coating or chemical. When engineered air control is not feasible, use properly maintained and properly fitted NIOSH approved respirator for solvent vapors. A dusk mask does not provide protection against vapors.

If eye contact occurs, flood with water for fifteen (15) minutes and call a physician. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY.




Interior FramingInterior Framing stud walls

Wood grainThe Beauty of Wood

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