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Stamped plywoodFlame Retardant Treated Plywood

exterior / interior fire rated plywood

Exteriot rated fire retardant plywood
*Flame Safe fire retardant treated (FRT) plywood has the lowest flame spread rating and smoke development rating in the industry and there is rated for interior or exteror use (flame spread 0; smoke developed 75).
*Flame Safe Plywood™ is no more hygroscopic than untreated plywood. Flame Safe FRT plywood does not demonstrate any greater corrosion rate that untreated plywood on metals, fasterners or hardware. It is the product of choice whenever FRT plywood is specified.
*Flame Safe Plywood™ has a natural clear finish that is paintable and stainable. Flame Safe fire treated plywood allows the user to re-surface, sand, or rip the panel in any direction without effecting the flame spread rating.
stamped plywoodInterior / exterior fire retardant treated plywood with stamp
*Flame Safe fire retardant treatment will not effect adhesive bonding, gluing or thermal setting that may be required.
*Flame Safe Plywood™ can be specified with preservative and decay resistant treatment such as CCA, ACQ, MCA, and other waterborne preservatives for exteior weatherproofing.
Flame Safe Plywood™ has design value adjustment (DVA) of .9775 for all species and thickness of plywood
Manufacturing process of plywood: A log of wood is softened with steam and then shaved into thin veneers (also referred to as plies). The thin veneers are allowed to dry and then coated with an adhesive. Each ply is laid in such a way that the grain direction of each ply is opposite to the ones above and below it. There are usually an odd number of plies so that the sheet is balanced. The entire stack is then treated in a hot press at high temperature and pressure to form plywood. Plywood is resistant to cracking, shrinkage, splitting, twisting/warping and has a high degree of strength. Pound for pound, plywood is stronger than steel in static bending strength.
Grade Description Grade Description
A/B Sanded face veneers practically free from all defects. Reverse veneers with only a few small knots or discoloration B/C Sanded face veneer with only a few small knots or dicoloration, Reverse side permitting jointed veneers, large knots, plugs, etc
A/C Sanded one side, reverse side permitting jointed veneers, large knots, plugs, etc. CDX Knots, knotholes, cracks, and all other defects permitted
The most common sizes of fire retardant plywood are:
Fire retardant Softwood PlywoodDouglas Fir, -Southern Yellow pine (SYP)- Typically used for commercial construction - wall, floor, roof sheathing and backer board - usually CDX grade
4' x 8' x 1/4" [8/32"] [6.35 mm]
4' x 8' x 3/8" [12/32"] [9.525 mm]
Fire retardant Hardwood PlywoodAsh,Birch, oak, mahogany-excellent strength, stiffness and resistance to creep - it has a high planar shear strength and impact resistance, which makes it especially suitable for wall panels,cabinets and trim.
4' x 8' x 1/2" [15/32"] [11.90 mm]
4' x 8' x 5/8" [19/32"] [15.08 mm]
4' x 8' x 3/4" [23/32"] [18.25 mm]
4' x 8' x 1"
Fire retardant Aircraft PlywoodMahogany, birch, oak, other species available - high strength plywood
4' X 8' X 3/4" T & G
4' X 8' X 1-1/8" T & G

10' lengths available by special order including molding, trim & milwork

Fire retardant Marine Plywood: Manufactured from durable face and core veneers, with few defects so it performs better and longer in humid or wet conditions. It resists delaminating and fungal attack - used on docks, boats, and other marine applications
Inherent Flame Spread Rating for Untreated Plywood vs. Flame Safe Fire Retardant Treated Plywood...flame spread rating and specifications
Size Species Untreated Flame Spread Flame Safe Fire Retardant Treated Size Species Untreated Flame Spread Flame Safe Fire Retardant Treated
3/8" Cedar 70-95 <5 1/4"-3/4" Ash- V core 134 <20
5/8" 70-95 <5 1/4"-3/4" Birch-V core 135-173 <20
1/4 Douglas Fir 150 <5 1/4"-3/4" Birch-Fuma V C 127 <25
3/8" 110-150 <5 1/4"-3/4" Birch-DF V C 114 <18
1/2" 130-150 <5 1/4"-3/4" Birch-High Density V C 114 <17
5/8" 95-130 <5 1/4"-3/4" Maple V C 124 <25
3/4" 95-130 <5 1/4"-3/4" Knotty Alder 134 <25
1/4" Southern Pine 95-110 <5 3/4" Honduras Mahogany-V C 105 <20
3/8" 100-105 <5 1/4"-3/4" African Mahogany 95 <20
5/8" 90 <5 11/64" Lauan 167 <35
3/4" 90 <5 1/4" 150 <25
1-1/8" 90 <5 1/4"-3/4" Oak-DF V core 153 <25
3/8" Redwood 95 <5 1/4"-3/4" Walnut -V C 123 <25
5/8" 75 <5  
1/2" Exterior Preservative Treated Plywood - MCA(micronized copper azole) 95-100 <5 3/16"





156 <25
5/8" 95-130 <5 3/8" 200 <25
3/4" 95-130 <5 1/2" 135-156 <25
  90-125 <5 5/8" 153 <25
3/8" Medium Density Fiberboard MDF 140 <25 3/4" 145 <25
7/16" 125 <25 3/4" 88-98 <25
5/8" 120 <25  
11/16" 140 <25 7/16" Oriented Strand Board OSB 86-150 <25
3/4" 130-140 <25 3/4" 147-158 <25
1" 90 <25 1-1/8" 74-172 <20

Fire Retardant Plywood & Fire Retardant Wood Treatments
Vacuum Pressure Impregnation and Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT)


*Reduces flamespread to less than 25 *Water-based wood preservative *Odorless * Environmentally friendly *Resistant to insects and rodents  *Reduces smoke generation *Requires no special cutting tools *Will not harm plants or animals *Fungus and mold inhibitor *Contains no sulfates

Flame Safe’s treated wood is a low cost, effective building material for homes, apartments, manufactured housing, hotels, restaurants, outdoor decks, balconies, docks, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings, for interior and exterior use






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