How Flame Safe Works

Three components are necessary for fire : fuel, oxygen, and a source of ignition. Although you need to eliminate only one of the three components to extinguish a fire, FLAME SAFE products produce outstanding results by eliminating two of these components.

FLAME SAFE treated products automatically react with fire or heat to convert combustible gases and tars to noncombustible carbon char, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. This chemical reaction substantially increases carbon char and creates an intumescing action, causing the surface to bubble up and thereby keep the heat from regenerating. The nitrogen produced as a byproduct of the bubbling up action displaces the oxygen, thus smothering the fire. The intumescing action separates the fuel from the source of ignition. This "double protection" is one reason only FLAME SAFE products are authorized to bear the FIREBUSTERS™ trademark.

FLAME SAFE treated materials produce significantly less smoke. In many cases, smoke generation is reduced by as much as 50%, which is very important since smoke inhalation causes more deaths than fire. FLAME SAFE products are premixed and ready to apply and it requires little material preparation. In order to meet minimum FLAME SAFE standards for specific flammable materials, application must follow square foot coverage per sprayed gallon ratios. FLAME SAFE fire retardant coatings and products have passed national testing agency's certifications. When applied at prescribed coverage rates and in accordance to FLAME SAFE procedures, FLAME SAFE treated products will conform with applicable test results





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