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Fire Retardant blanket

FIREBUSTER™ is a multiple use fire retardant treated fabric protective device.  A welding blanket, fire extinguisher, for extinguishing stove top grease fires, eliminates smoke. As a welding blanket, welding slag will not burn through, it protects the underlayment from fire damage. A must for automobile, recreational vehicle and boat repair facilities.


Commercial: Hotels, Motels, Restaurants Many cooking fires occur during food preparation when the cooking equipment is left unattended. Using the FIREBUSTER™, if a fire occurs, instead of relying on fire extinguishers or sprinkler systems, the FIREBUSTER™ prevents food products from being destroyed, time loss due to clean-up, and loss of business sales.

Industrial: AutoBody Repair Shops, Welders, Marinas The FIREBUSTER™ can be safely used to protect interiors or other areas from fire. When working with such items as torches or welding equipment, the FIREBUSTER™ prevents sparks from igniting flammable items, hot slag will not burn through.

Residential/Office: Kitchen stove top grease fires, Waste basket fires, Camping, Charcoal grills, Recreational Vehicles


Fire Retardant liquid for DIY fire retardant materials


 LOW COST FIREBUSTER™ flame retardant liquid spray for DO IT YOURSELF, 1 quart makes 2,3 or 4 Firebuster™s flame protective devices up to 50 sq.ft. Surpasses Cal Fire 1237.1 by 700%. Will not burn at temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees F



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